Dr. Kristen Johansen


Dr Kristen’s passion for cosmetic medicine and surgery is infectious and she has a unique holistic approach to beauty. Don’t get her started talking about her obsession with facial balance or her formulated philosophy on The Modern Woman’s Skin Care Routine. Her practice is creative and intelligent – she garnishes her consults with skincare and lifestyle tricks she has discovered through her own work as a cosmetic human guinea pig for the past decade.
She spends one day each week in plastic surgery operating theatre, working as a surgical assistant to a renowned plastic surgeon. Thus one of her special skills is being able to consult with patients who have had or are thinking about aesthetic surgery. She has a vision that some day, surgical and non-surgical techniques will be more freely combined, as this creates powerful results.

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As well as working in cosmetic medicine and surgery, she has specialised in Emergency Medicine. You can find her wearing scrubs and working as a Senior Registrar in a busy Melbourne emergency ward. Dr Kristen finds a lot of fulfillment in contributing to the health system, so does a stint at Alice Springs Hospital every year with some of Australia’s most unwell and disadvantaged patients.
In between all of this, she may be found buried in medical scientific literature about the latest thing in anti-aging, as she likes to get to the very bottom of all the things she uses in her practice. Dr Kristen likes to provide a link between the cosmetic consumer and the science, so that her patients are moved to do the things that work when it comes to aging wisely. She is preparing for her first bodybuilding competition as well as enjoying abstract painting, cooking with real food and playing the piano.
Dr Kristen is a member of the Cosmetic Physicians Society Australia and stays up to date with current conferences and research in the field.


Dr Kristen's passion for cosmetic medicine and surgery is infectious and she has a unique holistic approach…

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