A Guide to Anti-Aging Treatments in Melbourne with Dr Tass

As we journey through life, the development of fine lines and wrinkles is an inevitable part of the aging process. Dr Tass Cosmetic & Skin Clinics specialises in a variety of anti-aging treatments that can effectively extend youthful appearance. Here, we will explore these treatments which are designed to help you maintain a fresh, vibrant and healthy look while doing wonders for your self-confidence.

anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections are a popular and effective way to slow down the formation of wrinkles and reduce the appearance of aging. These injections work by relaxing the muscles responsible for wrinkles, smoothing existing lines and preventing new ones from forming.


Complementary Treatments

While tackling wrinkles is typically considered the primary concern, Dr Tass Cosmetic & Skin Clinics also offers other complementary treatments to achieve comprehensive results. These include thermage skin tightening, double chin reduction, lip enhancement and more. 


Quick and Convenient

Whether you choose anti-wrinkle treatment or one or more of our other dedicated treatments, convenience is a typical benefit that complements effectiveness. Anti-wrinkle injections are quick, usually taking just a few minutes. There’s also very little or no downtime, allowing you to get on with your life straight away.


Tailored Treatments Just for You

Through years of experience and helping countless people preserve and restore their youth, we have learned that everyone is unique. That’s why we create personalised treatment plans to address your specific concerns. Our staff will customise your anti-aging treatment, whether your main concern is wrinkles around the eyes, forehead or mouth.


Professional Anti-Aging Experts

We encourage you to get in touch and ask any questions. Our team of doctors and nurses are experienced and empathetic. We understand that each person will have unique concerns, and we are here to help you with them.


Long-Lasting Effects

Our treatments are designed to be effective and to last. For example, the results of anti-wrinkle injections and lip augmentation treatments typically last for several months, making them a cost-effective solution for maintaining your youthful skin.

Refresh and restore your look with anti-wrinkle injections from the professionals at Dr Tass Cosmetic & Skin Clinics. Contact us online, call 1300DRTASS or drop into one of our Melbourne clinics and be on your way to rejuvenated skin today!